Mounting an SD Card as a Standard Hard Drive

In my previous post I mentioned that one of the limitations of the windows tablets I had come across is the small amount of available storage. The simplest way around this is to add an SD card. Unfortunately, windows will not allow you to install programs to an SD card and some programs will not use it as storage. A way around this is to mount the SD card as a virtual hard drive. Here are a list of steps to get this done. This method works with Windows 7 on (upgrading my tablet to Windows 10 broke the logic so I can confirm it for Windows 10):

  • Ensure the card is formated as NTFS (Computer> Right Click on SD Card> Format)
    • You may want to wipe the data even if the card is properly formated
  • Open Disk Management Utility by searching for "diskmgmt" from the search bar
  • In the Disk Management window right click on the left side and select "Change Drive Letters and Path..."
    • Click "Remove"
      • This will cause it to no longer appear in the computer menu
    • Click "Add"
      • Under "Mount in Following Empty NTFS folder" type "C:\Media Container" (Or whatever you'd like just be sure to remember it for later)
    • Click "OK"
  • Return to the main Disk Management Windo
    • Click Actions> Create VHD menu
      • Click browse and specify the location of the SD card (C:\Media Container)
      • Save a the file as "Media Store" (Again can be your choice)
      • Set the size to match the SD card
      • Select the VHDX option
      • Select the Dynamically Expanding option
      • Click "OK"
    • Right click on the left side of the new disk and select "Initialize Disk"
      • Use the GPT option
    • After it completes right click on the right side and select "New Simple Volume"
      • Click through with all defaults
    • Save and exit out

In order to make this a permanent fix there are a few more steps that need to be taken.

  • Create a . txt file in "C:\Media Container"
    • Add the following to the file
select vdisk file = "C:\Media Container\ MediaStore.vhdx"

attach vdisk

assign letter = D
  • Launch the Task Scheduler by searching for it in the start men
    • Click Create Task
    • Name Task "Mount SD" or something along those lines
    • Change the account to "SYSTEM"
    • Goto Triggers Tab
      • Click "New.."
      • Set begin task to "At Startup"
      • Click "OK"
    • Goto Action Tab
      • Click "New"
      • Set Action to "Start Program"
      • Under Program/script add "diskpart"
      • Add arguments "/s "C:\Media Container\Mount Script.txt""
      • Click "OK"
    • Click "OK" and exit out

After rebooting your computer you should see a "D" drive that was formerly an SD card. Now you should be able to use it as a normal hard drive.

The information from this post originally came from the Superuser Forums but has been expanded and simplified to make it easier to follow.