What's in My Bag?

On gig sights I often get asked "So what gear do you have in your stuff?" Until recently I didn't really have a good way to answer, so I decided to sit down and figure out all the tools and stuff I had in my various bags. Through the process I realized had a lot of stuff scattered around as I hate not to be able to do a task because I don't have the tools. This results in having a lot of tools in various places.

I do have them organized in a way which allows me to pick and choose what comes to an give gig. For instance any time I go to work I always have my belt holster either on or I my bag because I never know exactly whats going to happen on any given day. My chalk bag and small tool bag come to any gig where I know I'm going to be "working" or doing anything other than sitting behind a console. My pelican case comes out to gigs where I know that things are going to be more involved or I am working as a lead of some kind. Finally I have some things that might come out to a gig if I know what might be needed beyond the basics.

This is just the things that I remember or could find while putting this together so I'm sure there's other stuff. If you have any questions feel free to ask through the contact me page.

Below is a list of tools/gear that I with me along with occasional notes with links to Amazon or other sites to purchase:


Belt Tool Holster- Ripoffs CO-44 4-Pocket Flashlight / Tool Holder

Chalk bag/ Pouch-  Venturon Chalk Bag w/ Nite Ize Size-5 S-Biner

Small Gear Bag-  Setwear Tool Pouch

Pelican- Storm iM2620 w/ dividers

Useful Extras Kept Separately